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Rogue Machine Returns To Venice For A New Season of Live...

Rogue Machine is back on the Westside at the Electric Lodge, located in Venice just off of Abbot Kinney. Planning their stay...

Going Bak in Time with a Photographer

Spying a thirteen-year-old Sunny Bak, amongst a crowd of New York paparazzi, Elizabeth Taylor showed concern that the...

Venice Chamber Justifies Cancelling Venice Pride Membership, Pride Sign Lighting

The Venice Chamber of Commerce released a statement Monday in response to Venice Pride Board President Grant Turck’s request for the Chamber to “reverse...

Venice Chamber of Commerce Cancels Venice Pride Membership, Sign Lighting

Venice Chamber of Commerce canceled Venice Pride’s membership, according to a letter from the Chamber attorney, Michael Wallerstein that was published on Blogtown. In...

Photos from the Official Venice Pride Lifeguard Tower Dedication

The dedication took place on June 15, 2018.

Venice Pride’s 3rd Year May Be Its Best

Since its beginnings in 2016, Venice Pride has been serving the queer community and striving for excellence.

Does Tökr Have What it Tokes?

The new startup is being called the "Amazon of Weed"

L.A.’s First Official LGBT Monument Gets a Beachfront View

On Tuesday, L.A. City Officials voted to make the rainbow-colored Bill Rosendahl memorial lifeguard tower permanent.

Faulkner is the Venice-based Band with a Message

We spoke with Dimitri Farougias of the L.A.-based band on the importance of music, connection, and open-mindedness.