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Tips for Planning an LGBTQ+ Wedding in LA

Are you interested in planning a wedding in the Los Angeles area? Wedding planning is never easy. Luckily, we’re here to help. We have some tips for planning an LGBTQ+ wedding in LA. 

Choosing a Wedding Color Scheme or Theme

It’s important to choose a wedding color scheme or theme that suits you and your significant other. This will help you pick out a wedding dress, unique suits, bridal party attire, centerpieces, and so much more!

You’ll want to choose a wedding color scheme or theme that you and your partner love. That being said, many couples from the LGBTQ+ community choose a rainbow theme to represent Pride. You can get really creative when it comes to the rainbow theme, with everything from colorful flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and centerpieces to rainbow wedding smoke bombs. 

Finding an LBGTQ+ Friendly Venue

If you’re searching for the perfect venue to host your gay wedding, don’t fret. There are a number of wedding venues in LA that welcome LGBTQ+ couples with open arms.

You might consider checking out the Ebell of Los Angeles, which offers a courtyard garden featuring fountains and carved columns. Reception options include an elegant dining room and the courtyard. 

The Fig House is another LGBTQ+ friendly venue. It features a beautiful garden that provides the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. 

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel offers a courtyard for your wedding ceremony. Your reception can take place outdoors or in the ballroom. 

Some other venues to take into consideration for your LGBTQ+ wedding include the Grass Room, the Sofitel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, the Carondelet House, Valentine, Hilton Checkers Los Angeles, Candela la Brea, Redbird LA, and the Vibiana — just to name a few. 

Choosing a Wedding Cake Baker and Florist 

There are a number of LGBTQ+ friendly bakers and florists in the area.

One standout option is Los Angeles’ Cake and Art, which has been making cakes for same-sex couples for more than 40 years

The Blooms Design House in Oceanside provides beautiful florist services. Another great pick is Elements of Style, which provides LGBTQ+-friendly floral, officiant, and coordinating services. 

Selecting a Time of Year to Get Married

The good news is that the weather in Los Angeles is almost always warm, making any time ideal for a wedding. That being said, September and October and May and June are the two most common times to get married in SoCal. 

Knowing Your Legal Rights 

There is no law in place that prohibits a business from denying services to anyone based on their sexual orientation. There have been cases in which same-sex couples have been denied wedding services. If you find yourself in this situation, you might consider pursuing legal action. 

The U.S. The Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case in which a graphic design company is refusing to provide services for same-sex couples. The owner of the company claims that doing so would interfere with her religious beliefs. It appears that the U.S. Supreme Court is leaning in her favor, but a decision has yet to be made.

If you choose to pursue legal action, be sure to find an attorney who specializes in civil rights. Remember that your lawsuit could be a game-changer for the LGBTQ+ community. 

The Bottom Line 

Planning an LGBTQ+ wedding in Los Angeles can be a lot of fun. With plenty of vendors who embrace same-sex couples with open arms, there are lots of opportunities to make the wedding planning process go smoothly. No matter what theme you decide to go with or where you choose to hold your wedding, the goal is to create memories with your partner and your friends, family, and loved ones. 

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