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What Fans Should Anticipate In The New NFL Season

The long-awaited 2022 NFL season has now kicked off with several interesting results witnessed within the last three weeks.

The start of the 103rd edition has not failed to deliver the anticipated excitement. Many fans now rely on NFL expert picks to make predictions for each game.

The 2022 NFL season is still early. However, American football is gradually taking on a new shape this season. Everyone, including teams, players, and fans, must align with this new direction.

For the new NFL drafts, this has been the opportunity they have been dreaming of for a long time. The only way that they can hit the ground running is by learning how to align with the NFL’s new directions quickly.

New talents on the scene

The level of football played in the first three games of the league has shown that there have been significant improvements in the tactics and strategies employed by teams.

Learning these new tactics and strategies can be a daunting challenge for new drafts. Therefore, if they want to announce themselves on the big stage, they must adapt quickly to the lessons.

Some NFL draft stars to watch out for in the 2022 season include:

Ikem Ekwonu (Carolina Panthers)

Ekwonu was drafted as an Offensive Tackle by Carolina Panthers. Ekwonu was a target for many teams, but the Panthers kept him in North Carolina. He had played college football for North Carolina State University.

Ikem Ekwonu is among the leading talented running blocks and offensive linemen in the 2022 NFL draft. His addition to the Panthers will significantly improve the team’s attack this season.

Evan Neal (New York Giants)

Evan Neal is another impressive youngster the Giants drafted for the new season. Neal’s versatile playing style and brilliant movement are rare attributes for players in his power bracket.

His profile rightly fits the Giants. He will be one of the young players that will quickly adapt to the difficult demands of the NFL in his first season.

Aidan Hutchinson (Detroit Lions)

Hutchinson is a burst of energy and one of the young 2022 NFL drafts with fantastic leadership qualities. As a defensive end, Hutchinson’s impressive numbers made him the right fit for the lions.

Hutchinson was a target for many teams. This young prospect developed under the watchful eyes of his father, who was a former NFL player.

Kayvon Thibodeaux (New York Giants)

Thibodeaux’s impressive speed and strength made him an outstanding prospect during the NFL drafts. His explosive forward bursts make him a good draft signing for the giants.

He is also going to be a crucial part of their young squad. Thibodeaux is set to have an impressive NFL career. Talents like him are rare, and the statistics suggest that he has improved well over time.

As the season progresses, what are some things NFL fans should anticipate in the new season?

New NFL season, new opportunities, and new directions

The NFL has been pivotal in promoting American football outside the shores of the USA. While different challenges have been witnessed in growing the sport outside America, the NFL is capitalizing on creating new opportunities for fans to enjoy the league. These new opportunities will improve the league and help promote NFL football to other countries.

Thirty-two teams are in the race for the Super Bowl in February. Three out of seventeen games have been played, but the race is still open to many teams. All 32 teams have prepared adequately for the season. Every single game will reveal the extent of their preparations. 

The NFL’s new opportunities are shaping up the league in several interesting areas, which include:

Renewed competitions

A good number of healthy rivalries exist between teams and players in the NFL. Some teams are located in the same state. Their rivalry is a huge impetus for their fans to cheer them on to victory.

Others have a history between them that is still relevant today. Many NFL players have rivalries with other players. This rivalry could be based on their performances, comparison between them by the media and fans, and other factors.
Sometimes, players also have a point to prove, especially when facing their former teams.

This season, the NFL is strategically targeting these competitions. The season’s kickoff game featured Buffalo Bills against Super Bowl LVI champions Los Angeles Rams. The Bills’ win over the Rams at the end of the kickoff game set the tone for a fiercely competitive season.

Stronger international presence

The NFL’s global commitment to promoting American football has grown stronger. This season, NFL’s International Series will feature two games at Tottenham Stadium in London on October 2nd and 9th. The third game will hold at Wembley Stadium on October 30th.

The international series will also feature a game in Germany at the Allianz Arena on November 13th. Then another game will hold in Mexico on November 21st.

The NFL will look to cement its presence in these countries through these games. This template will be replicated in more countries from 2023. The NFL has also partnered with local media and marketing firms to help promote the games.

So far, the plan seems to be working. According to a recent report from ESPN, the NFL’s international TV audience has grown by nearly 60% over the past five years.

The NFL is clearly committed to expanding its reach even further in the years to come.

Bigger and better Super Bowl entertainment

Rihanna will perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl in February. This signals the NFL’s intent to improve the entertainment at the competition.

Rihanna will make her first public performance in a long time. Given the epic status of the event, fans can expect many interesting twists from the artist and the event organizers.

The 2022 NFL season will also deliver a lot of surprises and shocking moments. Fans can expect different twists as the season progresses because the challenge will be tough for every participating team.

NFL teams know that their performances at this stage will greatly determine their chances of playing at the Super Bowl. That is why the games so far have been very competitive. Every team will put up a fight. 

The 2022 NFL season will be highly competitive and one of the best to watch.

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