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Co-living: The Solution for the Housing Problem in LA

While an increase in rental and house prices is not the actual issue, the problem is that there is not a correlating wage increase. Finding affordable housing has become difficult, but co-living might form a solution to this challenge. 

What is Co-Living?

Instead of each resident having a kitchen, dining room, and laundry room, these spaces are shared among all residents. This allows for smaller, more efficient private areas while providing access to qualitative facilities at a lower cost. Co-living offers a practical solution for maximizing resources and providing affordable yet comfortable living options. 


When results for “apartments for rent Los Angeles” have many appealing options, such as apartments or a co-living community. In co-living, there are no disagreements over rent or bill payments with other residents since co-living companies provide personal lease agreements. Every resident is responsible for their part of the rent, and a property manager handles all payments through a particular platform. Additionally, co-living communities offer regular cleaning and on-call maintenance included in the rent, which prevents potential conflicts over cleanliness. With a dedicated home administration in co-living spaces, residents can save time on house duties and focus on what they enjoy. 

Financial Benefits 

Residents can save hundreds of dollars on monthly rent without compromising their favorite facilities or a private room, as many communities include utilities and amenities in the rent cost. So, co-living is cost-effective and offers a great living experience. 

Furthermore, residents can share tools and buy groceries and household items together to save even more money. For example, instead of each person having their drill or vacuum cleaner, they can share one among many. This way, communities can save resources, which is beneficial for their wallets and the environment. 

Safe Community 

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Co-living offers a great combination of privacy and a social lifestyle. In a co-living community, residents will not feel isolated as they share common spaces with others. While you still have the luxury of a private room, where you can ensure time to yourself and peace when you need it, you have the joy of easily accessible social environments that are controlled and relaxed when you feel like engaging with others. Many people have even noted how co-living has improved their mental health by allowing them safe places to feel less alone. Forming meaningful connections and making friends becomes easier since co-living provides a built-in support community. Residents can network with each other, ask for recommendations, and find people to hang out with on weekends. They might even discover job opportunities through each other. Co-living opens doors for both social and professional connections. Furthermore, these properties prioritize safety. All residents are vetted with background checks, and security systems are installed, ensuring a sense of security and peace of mind. 


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It is expected that by 2050, most of the world’s population will be living in the city. As urbanization continues, city spaces’ efficient organization and utilization become critical. However, there is hope. 

With effective management and the promotion of co-living, cities can reduce the burden on their resources. Co-living spaces offer an intelligent and space-efficient alternative to individual housing. Additionally, they can potentially address the issue of unequal access to qualitative outdoor spaces, which affects less privileged communities. By designing co-living spaces with outdoor areas, this problem can be tackled. 

Furthermore, co-living spaces can serve as vibrant community hubs, fostering connections with local stakeholders and generating positive economic, social, cultural, and political impacts. These collaborations are valuable and instill a sense of home, regardless of where you live.  However, for co-living to have the best effect, the involvement of municipalities is crucial. Cooperation with government entities would facilitate industry growth and lead to new development possibilities and regulations that benefit everyone. 

Co-living communities can be the solution to the housing crisis in LA. While it is not a new concept, it can transform cities, offer sustainable and affordable housing solutions, and foster strong communities. With the help of government entities, the co-living industry could be taken to the next level, benefiting many people and the planet. 

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