A Gallery for Local Intersectional Artists

Traveling through Southern California to bring inclusivity and positivity to the local art communities, Melanie Kirschner is no stranger to the art world.  She just opened her third gallery, and eagerly awaits opening night on April 14. The Pride L.A. got the chance to speak with her.  Check it out: 

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Tell me a little bit about your art show.

The show which will feature female artists presenting works in the mediums of painting, sculpture, music has been in the spirit of support for both the LQBTQ community while empowering female artist.

Why did you decide to create it? 

I have a passion for helping other artists and have received so much support myself from my communities that I felt driven to offer my gallery up to others to have a place where their talents can be seen and appreciated and where they can interact with other artists in the spirit of support and acceptance.

Melanie Kirschner.

How will it highlight women in the community?

By offering a space and support for female artist by another artist I hope to create an environment that allows the artists to share and meet others and build on our community of support and encouragement for one another as both females and artists.

How is it inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community?

There are many talents and interests in the LGBTQ+ community just like in other communities.  We want to ensure all know they are welcome and provide a venue and event forum for artists and art aficionados to group together.  Artists, females and members of the LGBTQ communities are all made stronger the more we support and come out for one another.

What are some of your other experiences as a professional artist?

 I love to see people happy taking their new art to their homes. I love the support & encouragement I receive and can give to others by sharing our journeys. . Because I’ve been blessed to have had the experience of having seen my art appreciated I wanted to open my gallery and expand that opportunity for others.

And I experience being and artist we all so unique and we always be someone to love our art creations. So I want to share this to other artist to believe in them self and put there art out there for others to enjoy it.

Any other achievements, exhibits, other shows?

 I recently open my third Gallery  .I love doing shows and including everyone to be part of my events. I do events for children at the hospitals, painting classes for kids. I donate 50% of my profits to events for children or children’s funerals. I recently had a show for my gallery and is was beautiful to see the support of others and the big smiles. I do events every month in different locations in Southern California.  As I juggle that I am also currently  working on a building in Beverly Hills/ Los Angeles doing multiple offices with my abstract paintings.  This was commissioned for 120 panels with my abstract creations in 6 level parking structure as well as pieces for the building’s elevators.  I also work with designers in new homes and structures.

What do you think of the art scene in Los Angeles?

I find the LA art scene very astute and cultured and open to a variety of art.  I personally would like to see more galleries allowing “unheard” of artists to be a part of their events.  I think it would provide more depth and interest at the same time supporting all artists (known and unknown).  We can all use more art and artists can always use more exposure and support!

The Gallery is located at 640 S. San Vicente Blvd., L.A. Outside the April 14 show, the gallery is by appointment only.  Appointments time are: Monday-Thursday from 6:30-9 p.m.; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Events are posted online. To schedule an appointment or inquire about an event, call 310.927.5516 or 424.302.8726.