Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation donates $25k to L.A. LGBT Center

Late last year, the Los Angeles LGBT Center announced plans to build a new low-income campus for seniors, funded in part by the Anita May Rosenstein Foundation. This year, thanks to a new grant of $25,000 from the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, transgender patients will now be able to enjoy a host of new, free services at the Trans*Lounge, the Center’s dedicated space for transgender wellness, protection, and services.

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Since 1991, ETAF has been committed to providing affordable services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS. In recent years, the foundation has diversified its message to include other at-risk individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. With the Trump administration’s new decision to expand protections for healthcare workers who are religiously opposed to performing procedures like abortions and gender confirmation surgeries, this new grant is more necessary than ever for transgender members of L.A.’s LGBTQ+ community hoping to receive services and support in a non-judgmental, non-biased facility. 

For many members of L.A.’s queer community, a trip to the doctor for even just a routine check-up can be cause for trepidation. With the LGBT center’s latest commitment to providing a trans-centric space for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals to receive service and treatment, L.A. continues to establish itself as a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ individuals living in Trump’s America.

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