Same-Day STD Test Results are About to Be a Thing

There are a few things in life you just shouldn’t have to wait for. High on the list, along with same-day Amazon purchases and full seasons of new shows, are the results of your dreaded annual STD tests. We’ve all felt the crunch of going a week without knowing if we’ve got the ‘all clear’ when it comes to our sexual health. Thankfully, thanks to new technology from a company called Cepheid, we’ll soon be able to get same-day (that’s 90 minutes of waiting, folks) results for gonorrhea and chlamydia testing.

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Folks in L.A. will be thrilled to know that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is about to implement said technology at their Wellness Centers around town (the newest of which will open soon in West Hollywood.) So what are you waiting for? Now you TRULY have no excuse not to go and get tested.

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