About That ‘L Word’ Sequel…

This morning, the entire world was rocked by the news of a possible (highly probable) reboot of beloved Showtime lesbian drama “The L Word.” And when I say rocked, I mean rocked.

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Since the show’s untimely end (and aborted plans for an Alice-in-prison-for-a-crime-she-didn’t-commit spinoff) in 2009, the lesbian TV show void has been felt by absolutely everyone, not least of all “L Word” creator Ilene Chaiken, who has spent the past few years injecting “Empire” with a fair share of Sapphic subplots.

But nothing compares to the news of an actual, real, in-the-works reboot of our beloved show. We personally can’t wait to pick up right where we left off–spilling the T at the Planet over the barely-cold corpse of Jenny Schecter. Of course, some fans are just in it to see justice done.

Whatever your reason for showing up to the new and improved “L Word,” we’ll see you there.

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