As another year races toward its midway point, the battle between Ke$ha and Dr. Luke rages on. The abusive producer, who caused Ke$ha’s breakdown and eating disorder a few years back, has refused to terminate his contract with the singer, which the courts ruled still valid last year after a searing, painful court case. As a result, we haven’t had new Ke$ha in quite sometime.

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Until now.

Today, the veteran star released the first single in what we hope is a forthcoming Luke-free album–evidence of a possible loophole in the unjust contract that has, until this point, legally bound the singer to her abuser.

“Praying” is a simple ballad, dramatically told. It’s something of a step above the classic Ke$ha of the early oughts–a promise of more dramatic offerings to come. Oh, and did we mention it’s completely stunning?

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