Adelle’s Hello, the Lesbian version, moved me to tears

BY TROY MASTERS  |  I got lost the other night viewing the million and one hysterically funny parodies of Adelle’s Hello when I ran across one that used Sal Bardo’s soulful video for The Great Escape.  The remake gives tremendous dimension to both works.

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When I found it the video had 13 views and so I contacted Bardo to ask him if he was aware of the work. He was not.  In only a few hours the video has gone wild, attracting thousands of view and drawing articles on LGBT websites around the world that describe the the haunted and moving nature of the work.

As reimagined using Bardo’s work, Adelle’s song is about a 71 year old woman married to a man but who struggles to come to grips with the fact that she has been in love since her teenage years with another woman.  She seems to take the chance to reunite, leaves her husband and pauses for a tense moment to remember her youth on an icy bridge.

She finds her love and tearfully and blissfully reunites with her.  But then it was perhaps a fantasy?

Enjoy the video.  We’ll be adding several other Hello covers and parodies we love here at The Pride LA…we can’t stop crying.

As a duet from Chile’s Kevin Karla & La Banda:

A House version take:

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