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How to prepare for Halloween in Los Angeles: All you need to know

Los Angeles has a lot to offer on Halloween. And if you are thinking about what to do for the most important holiday of the year (Halloween, of course), you will have many alternatives from where to choose in the City of Angels. Los Angeles has the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating and the best candy treats. Halloween is one holiday that requires preparation and creativity, as you need to decorate your house, choose the best costume and attend the best activities where you will meet all kinds of creatures and characters. 

You need to prepare in advance for Halloween, but don’t worry; we will help you with a guide to make your time easier. Ready? If yes, let the countdown to the chills and thrills begin. 

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Halloween events to attend for spooky fun

Many Halloween events are waiting for you in Los Angeles. So, it would help to choose what you will do on Halloween with a little time before to ensure you will not miss some spooky fun. 


What is the best environment that truly shows the Halloween spirit? Well, probably a cemetery, but what do you say about watching spooky movies screened in a graveyard? If that sounds like something you might want to try, you need to know that you can do that, as many films will be screened in the cemeteries in LA. For example, you can watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Halloween at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Rosemary’s Baby at the Orpheum, and The Ring at LA State Historic Park. 

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The haunted Griffith Park amazes visitors yearly, so 2023 will be no exception. Halloween has been celebrated in this place for over 15 years, and the park contains a lengthy hayride that can be visited on selected nights between September 22 and October 31. Expect to see haunted houses, mazes, and various other attractions. 

The Bride of Frankenstein

The Theatre at Ace Hotel and the LA Opera will join forces again this year to create a chilling live film and music mash-up. The Bride of Frankenstein will be screened in Ace’s gothic auditorium, and the show will be complete with a live accompaniment of the LA Opera Orchestra. 

Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is also something worth attending, especially if you want to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and customs. Every year since 1999, Dia de los Muertos has been celebrated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The holiday was created in honor of the Aztec goddess, who is believed to have given birth to the sun, stars and moon. Here, you can expect to see Aztec dancers, art exhibitions, rituals, costume contests or music performances. Dia de los Muertos is a great way to celebrate Halloween in Los Angeles because it is fun and not too scary. 

Choose the best costume for Halloween

When you live in the mecca of magic movies, it is not that hard to find a place from where to pick the most suitable costume for Halloween. Thanks to the plenty of productions made in this city, but also because of the locals’ affinity to go all out in other events, like birthdays or Coachella, there are various costume shops open all year round. 

Of course, you could also choose something from the city’s various flea markets and vintage shops, but that alternative would require a little more search time. Instead, the costume shops have it all, and you will find everything you like, be it superhero getups, over-the-top masquerade clothing articles or masks and accessories. 

This year, Wednesday is a character that many people will probably opt for. And why wouldn’t they? She gives a true Halloween spirit, so it will always be a favorite option for this holiday. You just need to search for a black dress and some accessories that will make you look like the beloved character. Wednesday Loungefly is great for Halloween, as you need a Nevermore bag or backpack to keep all your candies.  

What are the best places to trick-or-treat?

If you are looking for places to trick-or-treat, you have plenty of options spread throughout the city. Here are some areas you will not want to miss this year. 

Angelino Heights

Angelino Heights is one of the best areas for Halloween because of the dark and mysterious mansions and vintage craftsman bungalows. Residents of Carroll Avenue, also known as the Haunted District, make this place the favorite spot for Halloween as they will ensure you will have fun and receive plenty of candies. 

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is also famous for going all out on Halloween. So come here early to take in the spooky decorations, stroll around the bridges and meet the homeowners who will happily hand out treats. Prepare to spend a few hours here, as you will surely enjoy the scenery and all the decorations. 

Sierra Madre

Alegria Street in Sierra Madre has become very popular for the Halloween-decorated bungalows and homes. Hundreds of families head to this area to see the dozens of beautifully carved pumpkins and decorations and scout out candy. It is always about the sweets, isn’t it?

Beverly Hills

People come to Beverly Hills every year, as this is also a perfect place to trick-or-treat. Make sure you come a little early to enjoy the epic homes decorated spookily and the beloved Beverly Hills Witch’s House on Walden Drive that looks like a haunted fairytale cottage. It also has a creaky fence and gnarled trees, so you can picture why this is the best spot to see on Halloween. 

Final words

Halloween is an interesting event that is very loved by people from everywhere, especially by Los Angeles citizens. The City of Angels offers all kinds of activities and options on Halloween, so you will surely have the time of your life. So, choose a spooky costume, and let the fun begin!

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