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6 Best Practices on How to Get a Job Using LinkedIn This Year

LinkedIn is the go-to platform where companies look for candidates to employ and where workers start their job search. Survey data show that most recruiters and hiring managers prefer LinkedIn to traditional job boards. That’s why it’s essential to use a professional nurse resume writer to avoid missing out on job opportunities. But that’s not all.

To make the most out of one’s LinkedIn profile, job seekers need to follow experts’ recommendations on using LinkedIn correctly. This means updating one’s profile regularly, following the companies you’d like to work at, actively networking, and more. So here is a short list of LinkedIn best practices that help people get hired.

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#1 Make Sure Your Profile Is Always up to Date

One of the biggest mistakes an employee who cares about their career growth can make is failing to keep their LinkedIn profile up to date. It’s not enough to merely have an account. Adding a picture, posting one’s skills, and, most importantly, regularly updating one’s work experience are critical for getting profile views. In turn, views tend to turn into offers.

So even if you aren’t a big LinkedIn user, don’t neglect to take a critical look at your profile every once in a while to ensure the information is always relevant. Experts recommend doing that at least every six months so that you don’t forget to add the new skills you’ve mastered and projects you’ve successfully completed you can look for some tips at skillhub review.

#2 Follow the Employers You’re Interested In

Have you ever missed out on a fantastic position in your career field just because you didn’t see the job opening before it was too late? The majority of the population has. Few things in the world are more disappointing.

Luckily, though, such disappointments are avoidable. The number one reason why people use LinkedIn is to look for jobs. By finding the companies you’re interested in and following them, you can ensure that you won’t miss a position that perfectly matches your qualifications, professional goals, and salary expectations.

#3 Use Advanced Search

When job seekers regularly search on LinkedIn, the number of results can get overwhelming. And many of them won’t even be relevant, especially if you’re using generic keywords akin to the names of the positions you’re interested in. Use the Advanced Search feature instead. It helps job seekers filter the job opportunities and focus on the best ones.

Here are some of the most helpful filters LinkedIn’s Advanced Search offers:

  • Industry. A lot of job titles sound the same regardless of the industry. For example, a Content Manager always remains a Content Manager—whether they work in tech, SMM, or healthcare. Since most people are interested in a specific industry, this filter is beneficial.
  • Seniority level. Few job seekers are willing to look for jobs below their current seniority level. To rule those out, use the seniority level filter.
  • Keywords. These days, most recruiters use automation software (Applicant Tracking Systems, or ATS) to filter candidates and applications. Job listings are full of keywords, and your profile should be, too.
  • Geography. Lucky individuals who work remotely can skip this. But if you’re after a position in a specific area, the geography filter helps a lot.

#4 Put Some Thought Into Your Headline

When a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for promising candidates, they pay attention to their headlines. Headlines are visible in the search results, so they are one of the few things that a recruiter can use to form an opinion on a job seeker without even opening their profile. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to stand out.

Our job seeker surveys show that a headline can make or break job seekers’ chances of landing their dream job. One of the respondents we interviewed revealed that their profile views and the number of messages from hiring managers skyrocketed once they updated their headlines.

They changed the generic “Talent Acquisition Manager” into “A Talent Acquisition Manager who’ll revolutionize your onboarding”—and saw an instant upsurge in hiring managers’ and employers’ interest. The more specific, creative, and intriguing the headline is, the better. Hardly anyone wants to hire a boring and basic applicant.

#5 Don’t Hesitate to Write Hiring Managers First

Being timid and waiting for hiring managers to contact first is a LinkedIn user’s biggest mistake. Long gone are days when proactivity was seen as desperation and hurt one’s chances of getting employed. 

Today, recruitment professionals appreciate the initiative. They are happy to consider a suitable applicant for future openings (if there are no relevant ones at their company at the moment). And if there are, a one-on-one conversation can make the recruiter remember you and, therefore, improve your chances.

What’s more, contacting a hiring manager is an opportunity to learn more about the job opening you’re interested in. You can ask follow-up questions to learn more about the job requirements, the company, and the interview process. So you can tailor your resume to the job to help yours stand out against other candidates’ applications.

#6 Keep in Touch With Everyone Who Can Potentially Help Your Career

What’s so unique about LinkedIn is that it’s as much a job board as a social media platform. Sure, it’s more about professional experiences than lifestyle photos. But it’s still a great place to engage with other people and strengthen one’s place in the job market using connections.

So don’t hesitate to keep in touch with everyone you’ve ever met in at least a somewhat professional capacity on LinkedIn. And consider importing your contact list; LinkedIn allows this now. Former classmates, alums of the same university, past colleagues, employers, and clients you’ve worked with—everyone can potentially benefit your career at some point.

An Afterword

Overall, people who believe that job boards are still the best place to look for a job are wrong. It’s all about LinkedIn now. But to make the most out of LinkedIn, job seekers need to embrace everything it offers, including Advanced Search, headlines, the opportunity to message hiring managers, and networking potential. And if you aren’t confident in your profile—give professional best resume writing service a chance.

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