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Drag Queens Moving To LA Need To Know These Moving Tips

The art of drag has taken the world by storm over the past decade thanks to the mainstream success of shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race. However, as more drag queens move from their hometowns to the glitz and glam of cities like Los Angeles, it is important that they understand the basics of moving their unique and often elaborate wardrobes.

1. Say “Yaasss!” to an inventory checklist.

Bob the Drag Queen, season 8 winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, is often quoted as saying, “If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!” This advice applies to the drag queens of the world when packing up and moving.

Start with a comprehensive checklist that includes non-drag items such as kitchen supplies and personal documents but also addresses all the important drag necessities — think: costumes, wigs, makeup, body padding/prosthetics, and jewelry.

By tallying the items you already own, you will be able to plan how many boxes and suitcases it will take for the move.

2. Have more than tucking tape on hand.

According to Harrison Gough, an LA moving specialist at, “Having the right packing materials for your move to LA is key— especially for drag queens because their wardrobe items require special care.”

For drag queens with sequined costumes, specialty jewelry, and tons of wigs, it is important to invest in high-quality and acid-free storage boxes. Packing tape that isn’t designed for long-term use should be avoided, as it could damage costumes over time. Gough advises drag queens also to purchase acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts for extra protection.

3. Now, “Label that Box.”

With every wig snatched and packed, every stiletto shined and secured, take a few moments to label each box according to its contents. This will make unpacking and organizing at your new home much easier, allowing you to get back on the drag stage faster.

Additionally, if you’ve hired white-glove moving and storage services to get you to Los Angeles, labeling your boxes will ensure the movers know exactly what needs to be handled with care and which boxes need to stay together.

4. A hose by any other name.

Specialty packing materials for designer costumes, wigs, jewelry, and makeup can add up fast. So, when packing boxes, consider using drag supplies such as hose, boas, and fans to keep your items safe and secure.

For extra large costumes or elaborate wigs, long-distance and local LA movers recommend wrapping them in sheets or towels for even greater protection before placing them in a box.

5. The gurl with the professional movers.

With the sheer amount of stuff drag queens have for performing their art, it is no surprise that professional movers in Los Angeles have become a popular choice for queens moving from town to town.

Movers can provide custom crating and specialized services like climate-controlled storage for costumes and wigs, as well as packing and unpacking options. Plus, the teams of professionals will handle the move with care and expertise, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Best LQBTQ+ Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

Ready to bring your drag to LA but not sure where to live? These five neighborhoods are some of the most LGBTQ-friendly parts of Los Angeles:

  • Silver Lake: As one of LA’s trendiest enclaves, Silver Lake is known for its queer nightlife and local queer events. The cost of living in the area can be higher than in other parts of the city, but its colorful character and diverse queer community make it a great place to call home.
  • West Hollywood: The gay capital of the West Coast, West Hollywood is known for its vibrant nightlife and iconic rainbow crosswalks. As one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the country, this spot offers everything from drag shows to Pride parades.
  • Echo Park: Once a predominantly Latino neighborhood, Echo Park has become increasingly popular among the queer crowd in recent years. Its low cost of living and trendy bars make it an attractive option for LGBTQ youth and young professionals alike.
  • Santa Monica: This beachside town is known for its laid-back vibes and proximity to Los Angeles. The city offers plenty of queer-friendly attractions like the Pride Festival and LGBTQ events throughout the year.
  • Elysian Park: As one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Elysian Park is home to a diverse LGBTQ population. Its lush green spaces and lively streets are great for exploring and experiencing LA’s queer culture.

How Much Does it Cost to Live in LA?

Drag queens still getting their feet wet in the City of Angels may be wondering how much it costs to live in Los Angeles. While living costs vary from place to place, on average, rent for a one-bedroom apartment will cost around $2,000 per month, and transportation and other necessities can add up quickly.

Drag queens looking for a more affordable option may want to consider living with roommates, as splitting the cost of rent and utilities can significantly reduce your overall expenses.

If you are a queen looking to save on moving costs to put towards initial living expenses, consider the following cost-saving tips recommended by affordable movers in Los Angeles:

  • Declutter: Old wigs? Donate them. Unused props? Sell them. Downsizing your belongings can save money on packing materials and the actual move itself.
  • Pack yourself: You know your stuff better than anyone, so pack what you know how to pack before the movers arrive. This will also help speed up the process and avoid any extra fees.
  • Take advantage of off-peak times: Moving during the week or in the offseason can often get you a better rate on movers and transportation costs.

Shantay You Stay – In LA!

No matter where you are coming from, moving to LA when you are a drag queen will require a bit of extra ‘werk’ to ensure all your belongings make it safely. But, with the help of professional movers and some wise budgeting decisions, you too can feel the bliss of “moving the house down” in Los Angeles.

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