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Why Should You Participate In Loyalty Programs Before Purchasing Kratom?

What Is Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa is popularly known as Kratom. It is a plant with psychoactive effects that grows abundantly in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. The plant has different kinds of effects on the body, both positive and negative. Whether it can improve a medical condition is a matter of great debate.

Many online vendors sell powders, capsules, tea bags, and kratom products. These vendors have unique ways of serving their customers. Satisfaction of customers is the ultimate goal for most vendors nowadays. One such service is loyalty programs. This article will discuss these programs and how they can benefit you. Many kratom vendors deliver products for free. One of them is authentic kratom. Let’s begin.

What Are The Various Kratom Strains?

Before visiting a vendor and trying out Kratom, you must know the various kratom strains available in the market.

There are three prominent veins of kratom leaves – the red vein, the green vein, and the white. One may also find a golden or yellow vein, but it isn’t as famous as the other three.

  • The strains are of the highest quality. The red Maeng Da kratom and Red Thai strains are famous, have maximum purity, and are more potent than other strains.
  • Red vein comes from the matured leaves. Green vein comes from leaves that have semi-maturity. Green Bali and Green Malay are famous and more potent than the white vein.
  • White vein leaves are immature leaves and are hard to come by. White Bali powder and White Thai are the essential and potent strains. It may help focus better, boost energy, and provide a mild euphoria.

What Are Loyalty Programs, And How Do They Look?

Customers who come back again and again to a shop or from a particular online store are known as repeat customers. Every company needs consumers like these because they help in regular revenue generation, and they help in better word-of-mouth marketing than customers who shop for one time. They are always preferred by vendors.

A potent kratom seller, who sells a quality product, often uses different services to retain these repeat customers. The most common of these services is a loyalty program. These programs reward repeat consumers for their loyalty and faith in the vendor. There are store credits for the program; the more you save, the better the rewards get. Some vendors need you to subscribe to the program.

The Benefits Of Participating In Loyalty Programs Before Purchasing Kratom

Buying kratom powders from vendors with a loyalty program has many benefits. Let’s explore them.

Get Discounts And Freebies For Being Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs help consumers save a few bucks by repeatedly saving the store credits they earn when they buy products from the vendor.

Many vendors have a tier system of discounts. For example, if consumers shop ten times, they get 100 credit points, and ten credit points give a 1 % discount. Thus, the customer can now have a 10% discount on the next purchase if you buy kratom powder and order online.

Store Credit

Store credit is the most famous and easiest way to operate a loyalty program. The vendor may give out credits for each purchase or a certain number of credits after certain purchases.

Each store credit is equivalent to a certain percentage of discount or other rewards. Repeat consumers can quickly redeem these credits and have a well-deserved discount on their subsequent purchases.

Exclusive Offers

Besides getting discounts, the vendor may entitle the consumers to specific offers specially created for them. They have a special sale for you.

For instance, besides getting 10% off on saving 100 credits, the customer also gets 50 grams of kratom powder pack. The vendors include these offers in the tier list.

Feel Special

The best thing about loyalty programs is the gratitude that the vendors show you for having faith in the company. The company, in return, makes you feel special with exclusive rewards, offers, and discounts. It is a healthy way of building customer relations, and the tie grows strong if the vendor keeps satisfying the consumers with their needs.

Easy Returns

They also include a service like returning your products and shipment of the products with ease.

The process is hassle-free for loyal consumers. Some vendors get your orders shipped faster and charge no money for that as a perk in their loyalty program. Thus, your orders get delivered fast.

A loyalty program has so many amenities that you must also try to become loyal to one of the country’s most reputed brands. The perks are immense.

How Do You Find The Best Loyalty Program?

One must research to find a good vendor with an excellent loyalty program. First, check out the websites of the products you already know, and compare their loyalty programs—check whose loyalty program has better rewards.

Secondly, check online reviews of the best companies and their loyalty programs. Compare them with the companies you already know. Lastly, it’s your call to make. No loyalty program is perfect, and everybody has a different taste for rewards. Thus, if you find the one you like, try its product and stick to it.

Importance Of Terms And Conditions

Terms and conditions are essential for both the customer and the company. Violating the terms and conditions may lead to severe consequences and prison time.

In the terms and conditions, the vendor should mention what the online service is like, what the consequences can be if someone violates the terms of the vendor, can revise the terms if there is any provision of assignment, and all the governing laws and jurisdictions.

The consumers must read the terms and conditions documents, verify and respect them, and only go ahead and buy the products. For additional information, browse through their website.

How Do You Redeem The Rewards?

Redeeming your online rewards depends on how the vendor wants you to redeem them. It may happen automatically; new coupon codes unlock as you progress through the tiers. You may also get credits with every purchase, which the site will store in a separate online wallet.

You can use these online credits at checkout, and the website will automatically discount you for the number of credits you saved. The process is hassle-free. So, no need to worry about it.

The Range Of Kratom Products

Most of the vendors have a wide range of mitragyna speciosa derived kratom products. Let’s check them out.

Excellent Quality Kratom Powder

The range of quality kratom powder on the site of the top vendors is mind-boggling. They have kratom powder of all vein types and all strains from all countries. The packets start with 1 oz and go up to 10 oz, and you can buy kratom powder directly from their websites.

Kratom Capsules

Top vendors have five kratom capsules – White Bali, Yellow Vietnam, Red Borneo, Red Riau, and Green Maeng Da. Unfortunately, the package is only available in the count of 60.

About Top Vendors – Authentic Kratom And Golden Monk

Authentic Kratom started its operations in 2013 in San Fernando Valley. Since then, the company has grown online into many folds in selling high-quality kratom powder. They are currently at Canoga Park, Burbank, Glendale, Woodland Hills, Orange County, and LA.


The prices are very affordable, and Authentic Kratom has kept them reasonable. While the kratom capsules are available for $17.49 and $20.99 for 60 pieces, the prices of kratom powders vary. However, the prices start at $8.39 for 1 oz and go up to $83.93 for ten 0z. It may go past $100, depending on the rarity of the strain.

Why Do Customers Love Authentic Kratom?

  • They have one of the industry’s most extensive collections of kratom powders, which is better than all the other alternatives.
  • They serve the best quality extracts in the powder.
  • They have a free standard delivery from their office in woodland hills.
  • Although the business isn’t American Kratom Association recognized, Authentic Kratom has all-authentic third party lab tests.
  • They have an excellent live customer support system and a strong base of many satisfied consumers.
  • If you buy Kratom, don’t forget to check out the site of Authentic Kratom for kratom products to buy quality kratom powder with excellent potency and get free delivery on all orders. To learn more about the day shipping policy, get in touch with the customer care team of Authentic Kratom or visit their website. Buy kratom powder from the authentic kratom flavors from San Fernando Valley, Canoga park.

Final Words

The kratom community is growing at an unbelievable rate. It is a good sign for any industry in general. However, one should remember the plant isn’t intended to treat and cure any disorder.

If you get any allergic reactions after its consumption, consult a professional health practitioner to get it evaluated. Although quality goldenmonk Kratom is legal Federally in the US, some states have banned it.

The following states include Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. However, few places like Union county, Orange County, Sarasota county, and San Diego have bans on Kratom despite being situated in a legal state.

The following countries also ban Kratom: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, etc. Thus, you can’t buy kratom powder in these countries. Thus, one should search for local laws before buying kratom products.

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