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Easy Ways to Save Money This Month

Saving money may feel challenging as prices rise, but even small changes can start to add up. Whether it’s adjusting your daily habits or reducing ongoing expenses, combining methods can make a huge impact. There are several ways you can start setting aside more of your salary to save for a car, house, or other expenses.

Save on Student Loans

Student loans can take a lot out of your monthly income, so looking for ways to save is smart. One option is to enroll in an income-based repayment program. This could turn monthly payments to a more manageable level. The amount you will need to pay back each month will be based on how much you currently earn, making it more affordable. Another option is to look into refinancing. Refinancing debt to a new loan can save quite a bit of money because you may get a better rate or you may get a longer time period to pay the funds back. It also reduces your monthly expenses.

Be Creative When Giving Gifts

You can come up with a lot of creative gift ideas that will still be meaningful to the recipient. Making art, baking cookies, or even just making dinner for someone else shows you care the same as if you gave them a more expensive gift. You could also take them to a free event in the community, such as a museum.

Reduce Car-Related Expenses

Try shopping around for car insurance to see how much you can save instead of letting your policy renew on its own. Look for ways to drive less, especially short trips around town that can add up. Depending on the area, you might be able to bike to a lot of areas, such as the store or work. Driving less can reduce car maintenance. It also reduces your gas usage.

Reduce Common Monthly Bills

One way of reducing financial stress by reducing monthly bills is by changing up your cable package. You might be able to bundle your internet and cable together to save even more. Check with the carriers available in your area to see what they offer. You could even cut premium subscriptions, cable, or streaming services. Changes in the way you use energy can help you cut quite a bit off the electric bill. Look for smart strips that will cut the power to items you are not currently using. There are also smart thermostats that will make your heating and cooling system more efficient. 

You can also find insulation leaks in the home so air from the outside is not leaking in. Even smaller changes can start to add up. You can change your plan to save on your phone bill, but that is not the only way. See if you have insurance added to your plan and consider removing it if you do have it. You might be able to save a few dollars each month by enrolling in paperless statements and autopay. Autopay programs also reduce the risk that you will miss a payment and have to pay late fees.

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