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The Best Sites For Buying Instagram Followers in 2022

Conventional media is out, and social media is in. This is a 21st-century fact, and no one can debate this. The power of social media cannot be denied, and anyone who can stand out in their online presence on these platforms will be king or queen. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter are all the rage these days, which is why Hollywood celebrities, famous politicians, and athletes are all on social media and keep putting out quality content for their fans. 

It is no wonder that social media influencers are trying their best to increase their following on social media platforms. But the efforts required to achieve this high following are massive, and the time required is very long. 

But there is no need to fret because the beauty of living today is that most problems have a solution, and if they don’t, someone in the world is working on one. So what is this solution? The solution is buying Instagram followers. You can buy real Instagram followers, real people with real accounts, and they will engage with your posts and increase your likes and comments.

So buying Instagram followers is a great option for Instagram influencers and brands who want to increase their online presence. But when buying Instagram followers, you have to be careful about where you buy them from. For this reason, we have listed four authentic, safe, and completely reliable sites you can turn to for kickstarting your online journey. 

The Best Sites For Buying Instagram Followers in 2022

1. Twicsy

Like any service, people will always flock to the best and most reputable one. Well, Twicsy is just that for buying Instagram followers. They provide real Instagram followers that will not only benefit your overall social media presence but keep the Instagram algorithm from getting triggered. They have a very simple and easy registration process, after which you can purchase your desired number of followers. Twicsy also provides a two-week money-back guarantee, which is rare and unheard of. The brand’s genuineness as an Instagram service provider is proven through policies like these. 

In fact, they’ve also been ranked and featured as the best site to buy Instagram followers by publications such as US Mag, Atlanta Mag, Men’s Journal, AMNY, Brooklyn Paper, Marinji, Long Island Press & Washington City Paper.

You can choose from two kinds of followers: high-quality and premium followers. With both these packages, you get 24/7 access to their customer support team, which is one of the best in the business. Their support team will guide you regarding your package choice; they will help you better understand each feature in detail so you can make an informed decision. They will also help you with your target audience. In other words, it will be like having your own team of marketeers. 

Their targeting options are great; you can choose age, gender, and location as target criteria for your target audience. By doing so, you’ll be able to get relevant followers interested in your business. Twicsy’s authenticity stems from the fact that they have zero tolerance for fake accounts or bots. You never have to worry that they will slip in fake accounts in the list to increase count when you buy from them. And as you go along, those real people, with real Instagram accounts, will also engage with your profile just like any organic followers would. 

With such exceptional service, amazing customer support, new IG followers, and great pricing, how could anyone pass up an opportunity for Instagram growth? 

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a little different from other sites that provide Instagram services. They provide completely manual growth services. The platform prides itself in ensuring no dead accounts or bots are added to your followers list. Instead, the followers you buy from Buzzoid are all actual people with legit accounts – who will also then end up interacting with the content you put out on your page. 

Such engagement from an active audience is impossible to achieve with bots. Not only that, inactive accounts can also trigger Instagram’s algorithm and cause irreparable damage to your profile.

Buzzoid’s mission is to provide high-quality followers to its clients and prevent problems with bots. With Buzzoid’s Instagram services, you can expect an increase in Instagram followers and Instagram likes because these are real Instagram followers who will engage with your posts as well. 

The entire experience on Buzzoid is so hassle-free that anyone can do it. They will require you to provide relevant Instagram pages and posts for your target audience, and then they do the rest. The active followers you will buy will be relevant to your brand or business, so you won’t just buy followers but potential customers. They aren’t just great for businesses though, many influencers have benefitted from using Buzzoid, and you can too. Their easy and safe payment methods include credit cards, debits cards, and PayPal. Safe payment methods make it easy to pay online in a hassle-free manner. 

Buzzoid is truly an industry leader in Instagram services; with unmatched customer support and best quality services. Hence, we truly believe opting for Buzzoid is a smart choice. 

3. Rushmax

Rushmax has been saving Instagram profiles from dying out for quite some time now. They provide affordable services and are highly reliable. If you are looking at purchasing new followers with fast delivery, then opting for Rushmax would be a genius move on your part. We all know that you can try and run as many social media campaigns as you want, put the right hashtags, and still, the needle on your Instagram followers won’t move. 

This is why opting for platforms like Rushmax makes sense. You get quality Instagram users, great follower packages, and you can establish the social proof you need in no time. So don’t wait any longer; rush now to get Rushmax – a platform that gives you real users with real Instagram accounts – and start your Instagram journey today.

4. iDigic

Social media marketing is becoming trickier as time passes, with algorithms becoming smarter and learning the tricks to look for. In times like these, trying to fool Instagram is just a bad idea. Which is why, you should always opt for a reputable brand that provides quality Instagram followers. One such brand is iDigic. They are sticklers for quality, so they will never sell you fake Instagram followers because that would violate Instagram’s terms, and thereby harm your account. 

iDigic isn’t a new player in the Instagram services game. They have been around for some time and are well aware of providing the best service to their clients. They make sure that their customer support team provides not just information on their services but helps you in choosing the right service according to your social media marketing needs. 

They also provide customization tools to control the delivery time of followers as per your requirements. If you want slower delivery, then you can choose that option. You can also change the target audience and control other aspects of your order. And if you want, you can choose to buy Instagram likes too. 

iDigic won’t disappoint. In fact, with such amazing features, you’ll be in complete control of your order. 

With that, we wrap up our list of best sites to buy Instagram followers from. Let us now look at what else should be considered when buying Instagram followers.

Things To Consider When Buying Instagram Followers

Things move a lot faster in the digital world as opposed to the real world. A cat video can become viral in the digital world in a few seconds, and the next second, a video of a laughing baby could be trending. With such a fast-paced environment, thriving is difficult for Instagram pages, and if decisions take too long and delivery is slow, it can be detrimental. Similarly, buying Instagram followers needs to be done fast, and the delivery of those followers needs to be faster. The world is on social media, and everyone has access to articles like these; the winner is the one who acts fast. 

Keeping this in mind, we have written a few tips you can use when looking for sites to purchase Instagram followers from. These tips will help you choose authentic websites and keep you from getting swindled. 

  • Instant Delivery

The website you choose must deliver fast. Delivery time will make all the difference because the faster the followers are shown on your account, the higher the chances of better engagement and overall better metrics for your account. Remember, you also need to put out quality content; if your account has no activity and your followers increase, Instagram’s algorithms will be triggered, and Instagram will penalize you.

  • Vendor Authenticity

When looking for vendors to purchase your followers from, ensure that you do your research about them. Read customer reviews and ask fellow Instagram users on forums about these vendors. Make sure that the vendor deals only with real Instagram followers.

  • Safe Payment Method

Ensure that your vendor has a safe payment gateway because online transactions can be unsafe if the payment gateways are not authentic. After all, you don’t want to be a victim of online financial fraud. 


Building a solid marketing strategy, making quality content, posting regularly on social media are all ways to increase your organic follower count. But none of these ensure that your Instagram will grow, that your social media presence will expand, and that your business will experience growth. This is why, we think it is essential for businesses and influencers to avail this service of buying Instagram followers and enjoy sure-shot Instagram growth like never before.

For the best site to buy Instagram followers, we recommend Twicsy.com.

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