Tonight: Celebrate the Release of Norm Magazine

Yes, yes, we know: You can’t turn a corner in L.A. without a new queer zine popping up. But listen, this is different. NoRM (Narratives of Resistance Magazine) celebrates L.A. stories of queer resistance. We all have stories to tell, what are yours?

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Per the Organizers:

Celebrate the release of NoRM Magazine this Friday at Lei Min Space. Eve Moreno tipped us off to this event centering queer & trans People of Color and their work! Art, music, and performances with ASL interpretations await!

Place: leiminspace 443 Lei Min Way, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Date: Friday, April 20th (show runs through April 24th)
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Cost: Free!
Event Page

Note: Narratives of Resistance Magazine (NoRM) is a self-published magazine by Narratives of Resistance Media that highlights Queer and Trans People-of-Color using Los Angeles as a connecting point. Through this project we have received 21 contributions from a spectrum of artists. The contributors in this magazine all identify somewhere within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, in addition to their cultural identities and other labels they identify with. This magazine is an effort to shine light on voices that are often ignored or otherwise minimized.

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