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As Usual, Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con is Bringing Out the Best in Everyone

As Halloween gets closer and closer to becoming a reality, little kids and full-blown adults alike can be seen prancing through the streets of L.A. at any given moment. As if this wasn’t magical enough, Angelenos will be proud to know that there’s a place right here in town where every day is Halloween. I speak of Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con, where cosplayers of all types went this weekend to strut their stuff for the seventh year in a row. Of course, just like the famous costume-heavy holiday, it comes but once a year and then fades Brigadoon-like into the ether. But no matter–there’s no denying the magic of seeing the L.A. convention center full of superheroes, handmaids, and off-brand cartoon characters. Though just about everyone there was serving lewks, a few stood out more than others.

Pennywise is a perennial favorite, even when the “It” remake isn’t busting the box office.
For a few handmaids more…
Always a classic.
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