Gay-Owned “Middlebar” Serves Farm Freshness

Photos: Instagram. Partners Corrie Scully and Renie Schoenkerman are serving up fresh cocktails at Middlebar in Inglewood.

Long before other cities embraced the trend of healthier living, Los Angeles was already at the forefront of treating your body like the temple that it is. And while in earlier days that might have translated to having a “social” coke habit rather than a cocktail, these days you can drink alcohol in good health. Really. And it’s all thanks to three words that could only go together in L.A.: “farm fresh cocktails.” Available at MiddleBar Dinner Parlour & Bruncherie in Inglewood, helmed by longtime couple Corrie Scully and Renie Schoenkerman, award-winning mixologists and partners in both business and marriage, these drinks are sure to please the palate and the desire to achieve an altered state (or lack thereof) of consciousness.

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With their vast knowledge of beverage composition acquired over the course of years in the business, Scully and Schoenkerman are bringing you an entirely different approach to how we drink alcohol, infusing their cocktails with fermented (non-distilled) spirits by infusing them with an array of fresh herbs, fruits and botanicals to generate a burst of unique flavor profiles you won’t find in your average bottle of liquor. One of the primary purposes behind the trend? As Scully puts it, “MiddleBar offerings go beyond a standard full bar, but the key difference is our emphasis on meaningful socializing rather than getting sloshed. It’s rare to find anyone else who is doing what we are doing, and near impossible to duplicate the way that we’re doing it.”

With marijuana freshly legalized, it seems the cocktail was natural next in line. The queer-owned bar is on the cusp of what might be the next L.A. health craze. While this concept might seem like anathema to the very core of how most Americans take their approach to going out, if there’s city that can set an example for how to be a little more health-savvy, it’s L.A. Schoenkerman added, “There’s strong data to support the valuable health benefits and increased well-being of simply gathering with friends or loved ones to share quality time, while enjoying earth’s abundant blessings. That’s what MiddleBar is all about.”

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