Are You Ready for the First New Queer Eye Trailer?

When we first heard about Netflix rebooting the iconic reality show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” our first impulse was to let out a groan. Really? Is this what the world needs?

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As it turns out: Yes, kind of. After seeing the first trailer for the new, improved “Queer Eye,” which is slated to hit Netflix in just a few weeks, we can kind of see the reasoning behind it. Not only do we get a heartwarming supercut of our heroes shaping up straight bros and cleaning out hoarder nests, we get to see them shredding stereotypes as well. When a straight guy asks “Who’s the husband and who’s the wife” of one the Fab Five, the response he gets is: “That’s a stereotype. Let’s unpack that.”

As if seeing the Five proudly crossing through West Hollywood’s rainbow crosswalk in the promo wasn’t enough to steal our hearts.

Love it, hate it, or feel totally indifferent about it, the new Fab Five are here to liven up your Netflix stream starting on February 7. (Just in time for Valentine’s Day, in case any hapless straight boy in your life needs a touch of inspiration.


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