The Avocado Toast Ice Cream Sandwich is Coming to L.A. and We are Shook


Good news for people who love good calories: Cronut creator and bespoke bakery superstar Dominique Ansel is coming to L.A., and he’s bringing a new L.A.-specific dessert with him. Yes, we speak of the avocado toast ice cream sandwich concoction that you might already have heard murmurs of. In honor of opening his first L.A. bakery location at the Grove, Ansel has prepared a menu of treats tailor-made to suit us green juice-loving, yoga-practicing Angelenos. While some of these desserts feel a bit calorie-heavy for the traditional L.A.-style dessert (which is usually drinkable,) some are just light and pretty enough for a perfect, guilt-free mouthful– and a perfect Instagram post. Ansel’s Wizard of Oz-themed pomegranate tart comes to mind (could he possibly be pandering to us Friends of Dorothy?!)

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Of course, Ansel’s avocado toast ice cream sandwich is no such dessert. The stunning treat features avocado olive oil ice cream, ricotta mascarpone, and dragon fruit chips sprinkled on top.

Jesus. Thanks, Ansel, now it looks like we’ll NEVER be able to save up for a mortgage!

Dominique Ansel’s L.A. Bakery opens on November 10 at the Grove.

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