Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light Spill the T on Transparent Season 4


As another day closes, we get nearer and nearer to the date that literally everyone is living for right now. That would be September 22, of course, when “Transparent” Season 4 makes it triumphant debut on Amazon. With this year’s news that creator Jill Soloway will be stepping down before production starts on Season 5, the latest batch of “Transparent” episodes gains a certain poignancy. But we’re not bitter or anything–you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll still stick around to watch the hijinx of the clan Pfefferman unfold season after season.

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Before Season 4 launches for real, take a look at OUT editor Hilton Dresden’s fabulous interview with “Transparent” stars Judith Light and Jeffrey Tambor, where they discuss gender, breaking out of the binary, and Tambor being “more Jeffrey than ever.”

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