Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination “Denounce” HHS Memo Against Trans Community

In response to the Dept. of Health and Human Service’s considered proposal to narrowly define “sex” – and subsequently eviscerate federal protections for transgender Americans – the nonpartisan coalition Mayors Against LGBT Discrimination said that it denounces the attacks on the genderqueer community.

“As Mayors we value the unique contributions and basic humanity of all our constituents,” the statement released October 23 said. “Transgender people are our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members, and they deserve to live their lives with dignity and respect. This proposal flies in the face of our nation’s values and poses a very real threat to the safety and wellbeing of transgender Americans across the country. We denounce this mean-spirited attack and stand with our transgender neighbors on behalf of fairness, respect, and freedom for all.”

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On October 21, the New York Times reported that it obtained a memo from HHS detailing the new potential legal definition. It stated that sex is defined by “immutable biological traits” that would and would be confirmed using genetic testing.

Photos from the TransLatina Coalition Rally on Monday, Oct. 22.