Turning Back the Clock with Regenerative Therapy

Photo: Getty Images.

World-renowned stem cell expert Dr. Lox, M.D. heals chronic pain. 

By Sam Catanzaro

What do Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning and Rafael Nadal all have in common aside from their status as world-class athletes? They all have used regenerative therapy to extend their sports careers. While these athletes all are household names, another name you should know is Dr. Dennis M. Lox M.D. who is a superstar in the field of regenerative therapy, healing both athletes and everyday people alike right here in Beverly Hills.

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An emerging field of medicine led by physicians like Dr. Lox looks to treat muscle, ligament and joint injuries with stem cells. Known as regenerative therapy, this treatment option has been used by elite athletes like Tiger Woods and Derrick Rose and uses naturally occurring stem cells to treat a wide range of injuries for athletes and nonathletes alike.

“Stem cells are repair cells. They are in certain parts of your body and create new cell types,” Dr. Lox said. “They are found on your skin, your gastrointestinal tract, they are found in your bone marrow. They are found in numerous places throughout your body so it is just a matter of figuring out which ones can be used to help a particular patient.”

Dr. Lox is a world-renown leader in regenerative therapy and was one of the field’s early pioneers. As a multi-sport athlete who engaged in high-impact sports like downhill skiing, tennis, wrestling and boxing, Dr. Lox learned first-hand the toll these activities can have on the body and the inability of traditional sports medicine to bring lasting results. Now, after nine years of successfully using regenerative therapy to heal thousands of patients (including himself) Dr. Lox is convinced this is the best way to treat many joint and muscle related injuries.

“You are helping to assist the body to heal itself,” Dr. Lox said. “It’s an outpatient procedure and it is a simple injection. We utilize the patient’s own stem cells and by an injection, we transfer those to the affected area, whether it is a knee or shoulder.”

What sets Dr. Lox apart from many other individuals practicing regenerative therapy is the way he tailors each procedure to the patient’s body.

“There are people out there who are applying cookie-cutter treatments to patients,” Dr. Lox said. “Medicine does not work that way. No two patients are alike.”

When a patient rehabilitates from a regenerative therapy procedure, they must make sure to take care of their body, so the same injury does not occur again. That being said, Dr. Lox says that with the proper care this procedure can make patients feel physically young again.

“If you take proper care of it, this can be a game changer. You are really setting the clock of time back,” Dr. Lox said. “We are talking about a spectrum and a continuum that is actually where preventive care meets regenerative care.”

While Dr. Lox sees a wide range of customers – from elite level athletes looking to get past a delibating injury to elderly individuals suffering from chronic joint pain – he says a common theme throughout his patients is a desire to avoid intrusive surgery.

“A lot of people come to me because the surgeons don’t know what to do, they failed with cortisone shots, physical therapy didn’t get them better and Mortin is not working,” Dr. Lox said. “We can easily try to repair a muscle, or ligaments, or cartilage and in the case of arthritis, which is a worn joint, we can try to make it ‘younger’ and go back in time.”

Dr. Dennis M. Lox M.D. is a world-renowned regenerative therapy expert based out of Beverly Hills, CA and Tampa, FL. Visit his website at http://www.drlox.com/ or call his Beverly Hills office located at 450 N Roxbury Drive, at 310-975-7033.