5 Reasons to See “Torch Song Trilogy” This Friday

Listen up, Angelenos: This Friday, the UCLA Film and Television Archive, as part of their ongoing Legacy project, is screening the 1988 film adaptation Harvey Fierstein’s queer classic “Torch Song Trilogy” for the film’s 30th anniversary. Whether you live on the East Side or the West, you’re going to want to see Fierstein’s heartbreaking, brilliant story of a drag queen trying to find meaning in this sordid life up on the big screen. Without further adieu, here are five straight up reasons why you need to be in attendance, no excuses.

  1. Develop an even higher appreciation of Fierstein as performer
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2. Watch a young tiny baby Matthew Broderick in action

3. Learn about post-Stonewall life as a queer performer

4. Get your heart broken (in the best way)

5. We’ll judge you if you don’t.

Check here for full event details.

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