The Joanne the Scammer Show is Almost a Reality

I don’t think any one of us can claim that we’ve heard or seen enough of YouTube star Joanne the Scammer in the years she’s been enriching our lives with “Caucasian Living” and “Khadi and Joanne.” If anything, we’ve been suffering from Joanne withdrawal these many months. We’ve seen Joanne break into Beverly Hills homes and scam her way snugly into our hearts so many times over the past few years and it’s somehow never…enough.

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Luckily, our pain is almost at an end. Dazed just announced that the messy bitch-in-chief will have her own full-length show on Super Deluxe, scripted and produced in part by frequent Joanne co-star Chelsea Perretti.

Well it’s about TIME, people! Viva la Petty!


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