“I’m Fine” Season 2 is Almost Out and We’re Clutching Our Pearls

If you’ll take a casual look back to the very start of this year, when things were at their bleakest (or at least looked that way,) you’ll remember that we still had occasion to kvell over Brandon Kirby’s web series “I’m Fine,” a show that gives us a glimpse of what actually happens in West Hollywood (sorry “What Happens at the Abbey.”)

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This year, we not only have cause to celebrate the eventual ousting of the current political regime (fingers crossed,) we can also look forward to Season Two of “I’m Fine,” which follows Nate on his hilarious, heartbreaking sadboy adventures through the L.A. dating world. Needless to say, we can’t wait.

The new season launches on Dekkoo January 25. Take a look at our interview with Kirby here, and watch the trailer for Season Two here:


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