Warhol Superstar, Joe Dallesandro, hosts Hollywood Trevor Project Benefit Art Party


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BY ROSVITA RAUCH  |  Andy Warhol’s sexy superstar, Joe Dallesandro, will be guest of honor at the Trevor Project Art Auction Benefit Party on Saturday night, February 6, at Artist’s Corner Gallery in Hollywood. Each ticket at the door enters guests into a live raffle for photos and memorabilia personally presented by “Little Joe” Dallesandro.  For Info and Eventbrite tickets http://bit.ly/TrevorProjectBenefit

Don’t miss this fabulous, opening night gala being held in celebration of the resoundingly successful LGBT photographic show, Round Hole Square Peg, as it moves from Photo LA to Artist’s Corner Gallery.

Curator Phil Tarley, a lifelong gay activist with a keen eye for radical photography rocked Photo LA with its first and only LGBT photography exhibition. In keeping with today’s trans-Zeitgeist, Round Hole, Square Peg ups the provocative with compelling transgender and LGBT images. As Tarley says:

“Beauty is great, but pretty pictures without subtext have no meaning. Important art shreds the world. Provocative art makes us think about who we are in wildly fresh, insightful ways. Queer art has always done that and more, but transsexual art — wow, now that’s a whole new wonderment! Round Hole, Square Peg 2016 thrust me up against stunning, gender-fluid artwork that is sexual, spiritual, loving, fierce and totally incendiary!”

Round Hole, Square Peg incites viewers to think creatively and reflect aesthetically about sexual identities of all kinds.  Phil Tarley is doubly glad that the Art Auction, live right now at handbid.com/auctions/trevor-project-artists-corner is in aid of the Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to young LGBT people.

“When I was a kid,” Tarley says, “I was literally a Round Hole in a Square Peg. I was this weird, literate, very queer child. I got bullied all the time. I hurt a lot, I was on the edge many times and I wished I had someone to talk to. So I really vibe with the Trevor Project. They literally save kids’ lives. They work to soften up all that pain.  I’m thrilled to put the art I love in an auction benefit for Trevor.”  handbid.com/auctions/trevor-project-artists-corner

For this auction, Tarley has included two Andy Warhol images:  one shot by Karen Bystedt in the 80s and hand embellished by rapper Chris Brown; the other, an amazing color photo, shot and donated by Douglas Kirkland featuring Andy Warhol, Joe Dallesandro, Jane Furth, and Paul Morrissey.  “Andy Warhol is my gay art angel,” says Tarley, “he feels like the great queer arty god-father of us all.”   

With fully-hosted champagne and vodka bar, this promises to be the party not to miss! So send your inhibitions home, hoist on your sexual liberation, and let your imagination take you to identities you never dare dreamed of – if only for a few hours!

For Info and Eventbrite tickets http://bit.ly/TrevorProjectBenefit

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