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Senate Approves Bill to Provide LGBT-Specific Educational Training for Peace Officers

August 21, 2018

August 21, 2018

 A new bill could mandate specific training on sexual orientation and gender identity minority groups for entry-level peace offices and...

Senate Approves Bill to Declare LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy for Adults a Fraudulent Practice

August 20, 2018

August 20, 2018

Though conversion therapy for children has been banned in California for the past five years, the Senate just recently declared...

Bill for Gender Neutral Pronouns in State Statutes, Policies Passes Assembly Judiciary Committee

August 14, 2018

August 14, 2018

The use of gender neutral pronouns in state policies and regulations passed in the Assembly Committee today. Assembly Concurrent Resolution...

Let the Gay Games Begin!

August 3, 2018

August 3, 2018

With the 10th Annual Gay Games celebration in Paris, France right around the corner, Southern California athletes in the LGBTQ+...

Steve Dunwoody Could Be the Queer Candidate California’s Been Waiting For

June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018

His experience as a gay man has shaped who he would be as a politician, he says. "It's made me more confident in terms of advocating for those who don't have a voice. For many years, I felt as if I didn't have a voice because I couldn't be fully who I was."

California is On the Road to Sanctuary

September 24, 2017

September 24, 2017 26

California lawmakers voted to pass Senate Bill 54, increasing protection for California’s immigrant individuals and families.

`In 1967, Jean Genet’s “Un Chant D’Amour” Was Taboo Everywhere But at L.A.’s Park Theater

July 30, 2017

July 30, 2017 3,965

This essay is part of a series on Queer underground cinema in the '60s.

The Results Are In: The First 6 Months of California’s End-of-Life Law

July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017 3,959

The controversial End of Life Option Act has been wildly popular.

For Pride, Senator Kamala Harris Calls for a “Coalition”

July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017 2,339

For all his bloviating on subjects from the media to “covfefe,” Pride month went by without even a canned statement from President Donald Trump. But another Washington newcomer, California Senator Kamala Harris, has filled the silence left by the commander and chief with a video recalling her efforts to fight for marriage equality and offering the LGBTQ community her full support.