Watch: This Queer AF Video was Directed by a “Dear Evan Hansen” Star

After recently premiering the first song from the EP, “Fake You”, and following with the gorgeously minimalistic track “Cut and Run”, today, the Brooklyn based artist releases, “Ride“. It’s the final taste of the stunning forthcoming 5 song EP, and premieres alongside a breathtaking visual accompaniment on OUT Magazine.
Directed by his brother, LGBTQ+ actor, Noah Galvin (star of Dear Evan Hansen and ABC’s The Real Oneals), the video depicts an LGBTQ+ love story that sees star-crossed lovers eventually call it quits, placing remnants of their relationships in a fire to giving their love a proper goodbye.
Describing the meaning behind the video, Noah explained – “Too often at the end of a relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, there is no real moment of farewell. Perhaps this is due to fear. I’d like to think goodbyes would be less scary if we ritualized them in some way. “Ride” is about giving a relationship a proper burial… punctuating an ending that often goes unpunctuated.”