The First Trailer for Dee Rees’ “Mudbound” is Out and…Wow


We’ve spoken here before–at length–about how much we adore Dee Rees and everything she does for this world. From her 2011 queer masterpiece “Pariah” to her involvement with Dustin Lance Black’s “When We Rise” and “Empire,” there’s very little fabulousness out there that Dee Rees hasn’t had a hand in.

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But her true magnum opus, in the form of “Mudbound,” a story of Mississippi life after World War II, is yet to come. The already heavily-awarded festival favorite slated to be released via Netflix this November.

From the first trailer alone, we can see Rees’ penetrating directorial eye all over this story, from the dusty color scheme to the framing of each magnificent shot to the subtle performances drawn from Carey Mulligan, Mary J. Blige, and Jason Mitchell. With “Mudbound,” Netflix, and Rees herself, are well on the path to the Oscars.



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  60. Hi Ivania! I'm glad when you post something that I already have or it fits totally to my style… Reading you I understand we have the same taste! Totally love your blog, it's so different than the others… not only because of your style :)) This bag is AMAZING! I'm really sorry that I can't buy it (I don't find the one I love the most, the one with the "hole") but I'll find another way to buy it 😛

  61. Lady Dodi · giovedì, 21 giugno 2012, 2:02 pmVecchietto, ma hai letto quello che ho scritto sulla “Genesi delle Pensioni” ?Vabbè riassumo : Se le pensioni fossero uguali per tutti, come età e/o contribuzione , sareste stupefatti da quanto potrebbe essere bassa l’età pensionabile!!!Fidatevi.

  62. Kim – I love the vintage Santa paper. I might just have to try and find some of that paper for my grand daughter (for next year) – I plan on doing all my wrapping tomorrow. I agree with Sooner Laura – the story of Christmas has not changed and the good Lord has welcomed those precious angels into his arms – they will never suffer again. Love and prayers to all those affected by that senseless act of violence.Hugs -Carol


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