Sarah Paulson is a Lesbian Witnessing Trump’s Win in the AHS: Cult Trailer

For the past few years, Ryan Murphy has turned to creepy old houses, the circus, haunted hotels, and the Lost Colony of Roanoke as inspiration for his anthology series, “American Horror Story.” But that was before the 2016 Election. What, oh what, did we know of horror then?

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It’s only fitting that since that time, Murphy has had a chance to stare true evil straight in the face. And it was orange.

That is correct: American Horror Story: Cult, the 7th season of the award-winning show, focuses on the real-life events of the fateful 2016 election to tell its twisted tale. And let’s be honest, it didn’t need a whole lot of embellishing. AHS Cult’s first trailer just dropped, and it focuses on Murphy favorite Sarah Paulson as a lesbian whose life is about to be torn apart by Trump’s unexpected win.

Brace yourselves: This trailer is rated ‘R’ for Real. Too real.


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