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“Glassell Bark” Makes Pet Adoption a Neighborhood Affair

If you live in or near Glassell Park in East L.A., chances are you’ll have noticed something peculiar about the neighborhood. It belongs to the dogs.

No, seriously. Dogs are everywhere. Some have owners, some don’t. Many just show up whenever they please to walk along Division street – Glassell Park’s main drag – to socialize and show off their total independence. Street dogs aren’t just a thing in GP: They run this town. The neighborhood, with its plentitude of dog-friendly hikes and parks, is one of the more ideal L.A. locations for first-time and veteran dog owners alike. That’s why the citizens of Glassell will be coming out in full force for “Glassell Bark,” an adoption event and block party, set to take over Verdugo Ave between 34 and 35 streets on June 10. Sponsored by the Fitzburgh Realty Team, City Councilmember Gil Cedillo, and famed neighborhood hangout Verdugo Bar, Glassell Bark will bring together residents of Glassell for a range of family-friendly (not to mention dog-friendly) activities, including work showcased by local artists and vendors, free microchipping for pets, and a “human bark contest.” Family photo shoots (pets included, of course) are also on offer. Even folks who aren’t dog owners will most likely find something to love about “Glassell Bark.” Maybe you enjoy the company of dogs but aren’t quite ready to adopt one. Or perhaps you’re thinking about adopting but aren’t quite sure. For pet owners and the pet-curious, “Glassell Bark” will offer a wealth of information from neighborhood residents. The event is volunteer-run and totally free, and Verdugo Bar will be serving its signature cocktails all day long, offering all proceeds to Freedom Service Dogs of America Charity.

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