New details emerge about Daniel Kaufman’s heroics

BY TROY MASTERS  |  Daniel Kaufman’s actions during the shooting that killed Kaufman and 13 other people, saved the life of a female counselor and 3 disabled people.

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Ryan Reyes, who’s partner of three years Daniel Kaufman was one 14 people killed in the massacre in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, 2015, today appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and provided more detail about Daniel’s heroic actions.

Daniel, he says, saved the life on a counselor to the disabled and three of her clients.

Reyes contacted The Pride Los Angeles and said that today he and family members of the other 13 people killed at the Inland Regional Center were given a tour of the shooting site. He described the mood among family members as ranging from desperate crying to stunned silence and rage.

“Most people were either quiet or crying,” said Reyes.  “I almost lost it. I wanted to do something to memorialize him there so I had an FBI agent pour my coffee cup into the planter near the tables where Daniel and I said goodbye every morning.”

Reyes says family members “were not allowed to get very close to the scene of the actual shooting.  We were in the back of the building in the parking lot, so that was the view I had.”

“I just kept staring at the trees because the morning he was killed we had been talking about how pretty the leaves looked when the sunrise hit the tree like it was on fire.”

Ryan says that the co-worker who Daniel saved wishes to remain unidentified.

She told him that Daniel had probably been eating lunch, sitting in the courtyard only feet from the entrance to the corridor where he worked on the coffee cart.  From Daniel’s view he was able to see her and warn her to turn around and run. “Go! Go!,” he kept shouting, and pushing people away from the nearby shooters before he was shot.

She was able to get herself and three disabled clients out of harms way.

This is a breaking story and will be constantly updated.

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